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The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Spring is round the corner, Amazon pilot season is upon us – and I vowed to not let myself get lured in by the promise of any pilot. Why? I don’t want to enjoy something and then see it fall apart again by the show not getting a full season offer. But the promise of Amy Sherman-Palladino was too great and my truly shitty week needed some balancing out. Suffice it to say: I was not prepared for a pilot to blow me completely away. The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is what the title promises. Read More

TV set with The Emmys 2015
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Emmys 2015

I remember watching the Emmys in 2011 and seeing those really handsome and interesting people on the carpet I hadn’t heard of before. Sean Bean, sure, he was that human in Lord of the Rings and Peter Dinklage, he was that guy from Station Agent, but… Read more

London from above
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I really don’t remember when and how I stumbled over Catastrophe, the British comedy about an Irish-American couple having a one-week affair in London ultimately leading to an (unwanted) pregnancy. But I had to keep watching and season 1 is six episodes of true and… Read more