Peach with Atlanta Caption
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“I wanted to show white people, you don’t know everything about black culture.” – Donald Glover on his new show Atlanta

Usually when I start watching a new series I have some information about it beforehand. I try to change that in order to just let the thing wash over me and see if it leaves an impression. With Atlanta I knew exactly two things: That Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, wrote, produced and plays an instrumental part in it and that I loved the trailer. Now that I’ve seen 9 out of 10 episodes, Atlanta, that runs on FX, leaves me impressed, confused, contemplative and confounded. Atlanta is the show that shows you a real city, as real as Donald Glover experienced it and still does, and a show about being black. Read More

Grand Canyon with Borrowed Time
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Borrowed Time

One of my favourite short movies that came out of the Pixar studios was what is now known as the beginning of “Up”. Animated features have long been neglected in the public perception – short features in general seem to appeal to only a smaller… Read more

New York Street
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Master of None

If there’s a show right now that has a target audience exactly like myself, then it’s Master of None, Aziz Ansari’s first show, which runs on Netflix. It’s made for binge-watching and consuming in a way that feels natural and convenient for the so called… Read more

TV set with The Emmys 2015
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Emmys 2015

I remember watching the Emmys in 2011 and seeing those really handsome and interesting people on the carpet I hadn’t heard of before. Sean Bean, sure, he was that human in Lord of the Rings and Peter Dinklage, he was that guy from Station Agent, but… Read more

Underwater capture of diving man with Rogue Nation caption
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M:I – Rogue Nation

I had a discussion the other day with a good friend, who couldn’t differ more from me in taste in cultural consumption, but still shares and values my opinion on movies and series, about the movies I probably have watched the most often or tapes… Read more

Concertgoer with hands in the air
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Kill your friends

I spent the weekend in Cologne visiting a friend and attending the final concert of this year’s c/o pop Festival and Convention. When we sat down to enjoy an afternoon coffee and a long chat catching up with our lives, we noticed the program for… Read more

London from above
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I really don’t remember when and how I stumbled over Catastrophe, the British comedy about an Irish-American couple having a one-week affair in London ultimately leading to an (unwanted) pregnancy. But I had to keep watching and season 1 is six episodes of true and… Read more

Camera with the word Unreal
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There’s programs you hate and at the same time love to watch – the famous hatewatch. When I was still going to school and during the first years of university I loved watching reality series (chuck the past tense: I still do. I just act out… Read more

Blonde girl dancing and title of article Leo's got a girl
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Leo’s got a girl

Oh wow, it’s summer in New York and look who Leonardo DiCaprio is riding bike with. It’s this model. You know. The blonde one. Tall and pretty. White tank top and cute jeans. Not Gisele. Not Bar. Not Blake, not Erin, not Toni. The one… Read more